Sunday, July 11, 2010

Easy-Peasy Weekend

It's July, mid-way through the summer, and my shopping ban is a complete flop.

I'm not working right now (hence no income, hence my desire to not spend what I don't have. Hmm, was that almost a Sinead O'Connor song?). So, I didn't go to W Boutique during its Big Freakin' Sale the very day it started and I also didn't buy this cute Michael Stars crochet-back tank for $12. Really.

But if I had, could you blame me? Is the loose top not the very essence of an easy weekend outfit, paired with this James Perse skirt and Stuart Weitzman "Gladio" flats?

Can I just add that it's very weird to see my back. I never worry about because it's, well, back there, out of sight. But now I'm seeing it and I think I could stand to do some toning. Can backs look flabby? Is that some freckling below my neck where I may have missed applying sunscreen?


Jessica said...

Well, you definitely do not have a flabby back, missy! The color is lovely on your skin tone.

Desert Flower said...

Oh, I love it! If you're going to break a ban, a $12 departure is not too bad. The top is really cute, that green is a great color on you. I die for those sandals. Gorgeous.