Thursday, July 15, 2010

Random (And Not So Deep) Thoughts

• Enough with the oversized logos already. I have had quite enough of super-sized initials plopped right smack in the middle of things (I'm talking to you, Michael Kors and Coach). It's basically like marking your territory — the fashion equivalent of urinating on someone's stuff.

Please designers, when people love you, they spot your style. You don't have to put your mark all over it.

• New and completely cool discovery — Where Did U Get That. Wow, she's got some style. I don't even feel worthy to scroll through this blog, quite frankly. Karen wore these skater shoes by Unique in a recent post (third one from the top, "Pinky") and I am head over heels for these look-like-heels-but -they're-wedges shoes. It's INSANE to heart them so, they're too high, too expensive, too young, too completely irrational and yet....

• This J Crew ribbon dress is another infatuation. Can't find it online anymore, so it must be sold out — especially since it went on sale. Ah well. A pop-back, perhaps? Although as much as I love this and it's way more practical than the aforementioned shoes, J Crew sizing has gotten so screwy that I'd never run the risk (or pay the too-high shipping price) by buying online. Put this in the "One That Got Away" Pile.

• Since there's no color listed on this bottle of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polish, I have dubbed it "mint chip." Ha.

• And finally, short eyelashes DO suck. I now know this firsthand since there was an unfortunate grilling incident last night and I singed off half the lashes on my right eye. Also did a fair amount of damage to the hair on the right side of my head. Burned hair smells like perm. I am officially done grilling for the season. Maybe forever.


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I haven't bought anything Coach in forever exactly bc I feel weird about carrying a blazing logo around.

Ugh, sorry about the grill singe! That is one of the reasons I just throw my hands up re: grilling and leave it to the BF - he doesn't seem to mind when he comes back in and his arm hairs are a wee bit shorter.

Desert Flower said...

I adore your nail polish. I'm with you on the logos.

As for that J. Crew dress, I heart it so badly, but I won't bother ordering if it hits the site again in a popback. It carries that vague description "hits above knee" so I know it will not cover my underwear.