Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Quest for Clogs

This is no mission for mere mortals. It takes strength, foresight, the ability to stand atop teetering wooden heels without losing balance. I, quite frankly, may not be up for the challenge. But, must......try....Clogs....look.....too....cute.

For days I've been surfing, trying to find THE PAIR. I think I've narrowed it down — dark brown, medium heel and probably a safety strap. Is it possible to walk in slippery wood-soled shoes without a strap? Probably not for me.

Here are the contenders so far. Oh, and by way of disclaimer, obviously not all of them are serious candidates for my closet. Nearly $300 for a pair of one-season wonders? Not in this girl's wallet.

Michael Michael Kors "Astor" clog ($120). No one makes comfortable heels like Mike. These are classics. Love the studs.

Daniblack peep-toe slingback clog ($160). Peep-toe AND a strap? Too cute. Too dark, but I really love the contemporary look of these.

Stuart Weitzman stud clog (gulp, $248 — on sale). Ah, Stuart. You can do no wrong. It's the leather covered heel that gets me.

Volatile "Chaps" clog ($40). Can you smell the cheap? How bad would faux hide stink, I wonder? These are cute, but I fear they do indeed look like they cost all of 40 bucks.

Tory Burch "Alexander" clog ($275). OK, these are the ones that make my heart go pitter-patter the most. Naturally, because they are the most expensive. Love the studding, love the strap. The shorter heel height is practical, but I'd like taller. Of course, the low-rider look is what sets these apart.


Desert Flower said...

The Daniblack are my fav.

ina said...

i am also on the hunt for clogs.i am just not sure what to wear them with.can they be worn in the fall?
the michael kors are my faves.

Pagano DesignWorks said...

Love the SW!! Yeah the scallops and leather on the heel for me. Swooning. Damn you.

Kcookski said...

hey, gals! yes, ina - i think this style will absolutely transition into fall. that's why i'm having such a hard time committing - i want something to wear now and then. they look really cute now with tribal dresses and shorts, and i'm thinking with capris in the fall and of course, jeans and pants when the weather finally turns, which for us, isn't usually until late november...if we desert rats are lucky...:)