Saturday, July 17, 2010

New to Me — Target's Red Hot Shop

Apparently, I am the last to know about Target's Red Hot Shop.

Or, am I?

Were you aware that everyone's favorite mass-market retailer offers cool designer collaborations on a monthly basis? They include everything from clothes (Geren Ford is the designer du month) to housewares, and there's some pretty cute stuff. This For Me, For You handmade necklace
is a unique, fancier spin on threaded friendship bracelets.

I'm mulling one of last month's selections — Textile Junkie's striped open cardi. It's cute, and I love the back but the sleeves are giving me pause. I'm thinking the cuffed wrists are dowdy. Plus, it's still $48. The price'll drop — it always does. It's Target.


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

You're not the last to hear about the Hot Shop - apparently I am!

Desert Flower said...

Who knew? I was just there by the way. The Mossimo sateen crop pants are amazing as are the Missimo bermuda shorts.