Saturday, July 3, 2010

Precious Cargo, As In Skirt

I *heart* Lucky magazine (even though I've been a loyal subscriber from the beginning and when it was time to re-up, they totally hosed me and offered a much cheaper rate to new people).

One reason why: The mag reminds me to shop my closet, where I unearthed this old (four, five seasons ago?) J. Crew cargo skirt. The online site has this killer how-to section where I found the primer on styling the skirt with a tee, a great summer-y look.

My version: that J. Crew skirt with a Daftbird loose tee, a Forever XXI turquoise athletic bra and Kitson flats. A tough brown belt would finish things off better than the self-tying one, but I, um, outgrew the one leather brown belt that I had. Ah well, something to hunt for, right?


Desert Flower said...

This is a great look! And a very good representation of the Lucky version. Maybe I have a brown belt for you . . .

I also love Lucky and have subscribed forever. Every so often there is an issue that leaves me scratching my head, but for the most part I enjoy it.

jacquelyn said...

I've also subscribed to Lucky from the get-go. But lately I'm not so sure it's for me. It seems the editors live a lifestyle I can only dream of---the prices of a lot of the things they feature are way out of my league. Another quibble is that they seem to have the same celeb on the cover over and over. I'm not sure who Ali Larter is but I think she's been a cover gal three times in the last two years. Surely there are other starlets out there. But, I'm loathe to give up my subscription because it is fun eye candy.

Lately People Style Watch has grabbed my attention but sheesh, the mag's obsession with celebs drives me crazy. It's so chatty too. Sometimes I wonder if the "writers" are snorting something, their energy level seems to be so darn high.