Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wonder Woman Gets A Questionable Makeover

My not so deep, dark secret: My husband reads comic books.

Oh, excuse me, graphic novels. Snicker. As you can imagine, I give him a lot of grief for this, but as he pointed out to me, revisiting a harmless childhood hobby like that isn't such a bad midlife crisis, compared to what some dudes do. True dat.

I figured he'd be proud then when I was able to talk comics with him and chat up Wonder Woman's new outfit. I'd heard a story on NPR about how Wonder Woman is getting a makeover. That had my attention. Comics — who cares? But Wonder Woman? She's been my idol since I was 7. I spent hours in the backyard spinning myself silly because I thought — scratch that, I knew — I could turn into her, just like Diana Prince did on the old '70s TV show.

His response: "Eh, I don't care about DC Comics."


But, back to the true subject at hand: a fashion critique. Naturally I'm all for girl power and stuff, what with the XX chromosomes and all, but I just can't get on board with the argument that this so-called makeover brings her into the 21st century. I hate that outfit. It's....biker blah. Very pedestrian. She doesn't look like she's going to fight crime — she's going to Express to see if any of those pants will fit over her thighs.

Where's the flash? Where's the glam? Where's the plain wonder?

Say what you will about how hoochie the other outfit was, but it's iconic. This is Wonder Woman. Yes, it showed a lot of skin but covering up the body in a skintight costume doesn't exactly de-hooch it, eh Catwoman?

And don't even get me started on the flat, shapeless hair.

Perhaps a new outfit isn't as pressing as a T3 blow dryer. Bet she could trade in the lasso of truth for one.


Desert Flower said...

I really hate it. That's not Wonder Woman. That's Skank Girl.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Desert Flower's comment made me crack up! She looks alright to me from the neck down and waist up, but everything else is kind of wrong for Wonder Woman. Why can't she get some ass-kickin' boots or something?

My BF is also a full grown man but still plays video games - Call of Duty online. I think he's one step from getting one of those head sets so he can talk to his "squad."

(Though back in the day ... I used to read comic books too. And collect them. X-Men was my flavor - then I followed Jim Lee for a bit when he started up Image comics. Ah, good times and many many dollars in those dusty boxes in my parents' attic).