Tuesday, May 18, 2010

B**** It Up

My friend has this saying — "Bitch it up!" As in, throw something with edge into that outfit.

Throw a tough leather bracelet onto your wrist to tone down an uber-girly dress. But my favorite way to punk up an ensemble is through shoes. This spring, bad-ass — or as Nordstrom more delicately calls it "urban edge" — sandals are everywhere. Love this look.

My three top favs....well, today anyway:

Jeffrey Campbell "Buckles" — This might be my favorite because despite the surly-lookin' buckles, the heel is a sensible height. $125.
Dolce Vita "Helix" — Again, another very modest heel but tricked out with lots o' buckles. I like how the stud action is minimal and very discreet along the heel. $170.
Ash "Nailhead" — This pair almost has a western feel to it. It's lined with studs but since the metal is matte, the studs don't at all look gaudy, which sadly, is how so many studs come across. Love how the sandal is very open but has a closed feel at the same time. $180.

So, there you have it. And yes, I did notice the steep prices on all those. Expensive taste is my burden to bear, but I'm pretty confident a sale will come around soon.

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Desert Flower said...

We do hope for sale. Some great choices there, I love the last pair.