Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An Online Fashion Mag

Magazines are my vice.

I have nearly a dozen subscriptions, mostly to fashion mags, but the occasional food and entertainment periodical arrives, too.

I love flipping through them at night while the TV's on. Now there's an online mag called Glo. From MSN.com, Glo features a little bit of everything — fashion, beauty, lifestyle and food. You can scroll right down the page, but the small icons at the left, which highlight the current issue's features are a little behind and jitter maddeningly while you're scrolling. You can also click right onto a feature you want to see. Problem is, the screen jerks quickly, annoyingly, as you get to what you want. Small quibbles, but they bug.

Will it replace actual magazines printed on paper? Not for me. There's nothing like holding a magazine — or a book — and physically turning the pages. But, Glo is a fun, online diversion. It'll be interesting to see what other solely online "publications" crop up.


Jesspgh said...

I agree that the material culture of print cannot be discounted. While I might be excited by the idea of a kindle or ipad on which to read digitized books, the act of holding a book, turning its pages, smelling its scent, etc. are such huge sensory elements of consuming literature. I feel similarly about magazines and newspapers!

Desert Flower said...

I echo that sentiment. I want to have it in front of me on my table and linger over it, carry it from room to room or out on the patio. I can't do that with my computer :) Magazines where my life savers when I traveled every week for part of last year. In airports and on planes, they are convenient and don't upset any TSA employees or flight attendants! I will check out Glo, though. Looks interesting.

jacquelyn said...

My husband and I were just talking about digital vs, traditional print readers. I am all for traditional print. I like the sensation of a book, the weight, the flipping of pages, the earmarked copies. Ditto for magazines and even catalogs!