Monday, May 3, 2010

A New Round O' Cheap Thrills

Under $10 somethin somethins to take the sting out of a Monday...

• This Forever XXI striped cami is a mere $4.50 and will look cute beneath all the open, loose cardigans that are everywhere.

• Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Nutty Bits ($3.99). Never mind that the name is really close to "naughty bits," this stuff is the best. Almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, toffee and pistachios make up the crunchy base. Slather the nuts in deep, dark chocolate with the barest sprinkling of fleur de sel, and you've got the full package — crunchy, sweet, creamy chocolate and a subtly salty finish. You could also argue it's health food, what with all the antioxidants and stuff.

"I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar" ($9.99). By Sharon Eliza Nichols, this collection of "linguistic failures" tracks grammar screw-ups on signs, letters and other places where bad grammar causes unintended meanings. It's funny because it's true. I have an e-mail from one of my kid's former first-grade teachers that I've sent around to many people because she had such a poor handle on the English language. Honestly, my then-first grader was a much better writer.

My real bugaboo, though, and the one that sets my teeth on edge is the improper use of "who" — and everyone does it. Example: "Martha? Oh, yeah, I remember her. She's the lady THAT owned the Gas 'n Sip." No, no, no. When you're referring to a person, you always use "who" not "that." When I'm in the Miss America pageant, that's going to be my platform, eliminating the universal use of "that."


Lisa said...

Oh I totally agree with you about the poor grammar bit. I'm not Miss Perfect Grammar myself, but it KILLS me when people say things like "irregardless" or "in regards to". And I had a flight jacket embroidered once for a friend and asked for his name to be italicized - I got it back in quotes. Thanks - here's your jacket, "Pete Smith". :oP

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness. I need that book. I'm such stickler for grammar!

Desert Flower said...

Jacquelyn needs that book. She's a grammar nerd.

F21 camis are the bomb. I must have 20 of them, all different colors, straight neck, v-neck, solid colors, stripes, you name it. I wear them under sheer things, under cardigans, under shirts that button too low. They are awesome for the price.

Becky said...

that whole who/that deal bugs the crap out of me, too. After you teach everyone how to use those words properly, can you start on "less" and "fewer"? Thanks.