Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cheap Thrills — The Good Hygiene Edition

Call me weird, but I do think good dental floss is a thing to rejoice over. I've always had a bit of a teeth obsession, dating back to my years of orthodontic work. Kept a timer in the bathroom, so I knew I was spending enough time cleaning those chompers.

"You're not going to have any enamel left!" my mom would shout at me.

Maybe, but I wouldn't have that demarkation line from the braces, either, which was what I was really scared about. Many years and many dollars later, my teeth are straight, white and amazingly close together, which makes it hard to get regular dental floss between 'em.

Enter Reach Total Care floss. Flat like tape, it slides right between those pearly whites. Plus, it has a medicine-y Listerine taste, which I kinda like. It puts the finishing touch on the morning (and night) hygiene routine. It's $2.99 at Target.

About a year ago, I started to DIY dye with Garnier Nutrisse color. Hey, if it's good enough for Sarah Jessica Parker, it ought to be good enough for me, right? The color kit came with this amazing avocado conditioner that left my freakishly fine hair silky soft but didn't weigh it down.

I immediately hit the Interweb, hunting for a full-size version. No dice. The conditioner only comes in the kit. But, I did uncover Garnier Fructis Melting Masque, which has apricot and avocado oil and, like the stuff with the kit, is very conditioning but not too heavy. Of course now I can only find it online ($3.49 at Amazon). Garnier has apparently revamped its line. But, I'm in the middle of trying out a new conditioner to see if it's comparable. Stay tuned.

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