Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shoe Cardigan Smackdown!

I've always had a thing for shoes. Blame it on my genes.

My mom is full-on Filipina. Never mind that she only has about 10 pairs of shoes and I have maybe, um, ten times that. As far as I know, Imelda Marcos is no relation.

Shoes are my passion, my vice. I don't just love 'em on my feet, either. I have shoe necklaces, tanks covered in mini high heels and a T-shirts with shoes. So when I saw Anthro's Imelda cardigan over at Respect the Shoes, I had to have it. Kinda. It's $98.

I did what any good shopper on a budget would do: hunted for a cheaper alternative. Forever XXI has a pretty decent $14 cardi (Product Code: 2072161062).

It's a little thick for spring, but seems well-made. Since it's Forever XXI, I opted to be safe and order a medium. I can't decide if the mix-n-match buttons look cute or cheap, but it's got shoes on it and it was under $20. How can I complain?


Lisa said...

Thanks for the shout out! I love shoesies too. Anything with shoesies. But BF told me that I can wear the shoesies on my feet but nowhere else.

ina said...

i love shoes too.thanks for finding the cheaper alternative,because anthros cardi is pretty pricey.

Desert Flower said...

Anthro's is a bit frenetic, for lack of a better word. Sometimes they go a little overboard with the patterns. I like the F21 version, the buttons are cute!

t said...

Cute cardigan! It's a great colour. :)


jacquelyn said...

I had purchased the Anthro version but returned it for a variety of reasons, one being i found it loud. I like this version. I wonder if a L would fit me. I'm tempted to order, because going into the F21 at Tucson Mall makes me want to hide. The tinny noise coming from the speakers scares me.

Kcookski said...

j - that tucson mall store is enough to trigger seizures. it's soooo loud, overstuffed, overloaded. i think i could have gone with my usual size - small - so i think you could do it. i didn't see it in either f21 store. OH, and i saw your review! i felt like such an insider: i *know* her! i read her blog!:)