Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Shoe Haiku (A Really Fresh Pair, Too)

Such a cool color
This metallic bronze called "smog."
Better shoe than sky.

Shoe n' Tell: Just bought these classic ballet flats by Hollywould a few days ago. I couldn't resist — they were 75 percent off. They're all leather, made in Italy and feel so sumptuous. I refuse to use the wrap-around ribbons that feed through a tab at the back.

The box has "Cabana" and "Hepburn" on it, so I'm not sure which is the style name. I went a-Googling and found a leopard-print style on Interestingly, at the bottom of the page where it displays "Customers who bought this style also purchased...." had a photo of that old Dustin Hoffman movie "Tootsie." He plays an actor pretending to be a woman. Hmmmm, wonder what size those flats were....13?

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