Monday, May 24, 2010

Desperately Seeking Sea Spray

Every gal has that one product that got away.

It was THE ONE that worked like no other, that was consistent and perfect and imparted so much confidence, it inspired panic to think of ever losing it.

For me, that product was Lavett & Chin sea spray.

A small indie beauty company, I'd read about L&O in a fashion magazine. Its sea spray and the promise of lovely tousled waves sounded wildly appealing, although the lust for beach hair really is kinda funny. Have these people ever seen hair straight off a day at the beach? Mine looks matted and dirty and gross. But, I love the romanticized idea, so I go along with it.

Well, this sea spray — which contained wacky herbs and had a strong smell...maybe lavender? — delivered the goods. My hair looked great. GREAT, those are deservedly capital letters I tell you.

Then one day, the usual online store I bought my Lavett & Chin from, listed it as "out of stock." I Googled the company, and its Web site was down. It was "reformulating," I believe it said. I tried to squash the sense of panic. I calmed myself, told myself things would be fine.

I hadn't seen it coming. Didn't even have a chance to stockpile, which would have been my first inclination at any sign of trouble. Well, it's been about three or four years. Maybe. I've developed this inability to keep track of time. I blame "Lost." Stupid show.

Anyway, I hung onto that metal bottle for a looooong time, long after spraying out every last drop, thinking that maybe it would be a good luck talisman and another bottle would find its way to me someday.


I've tried allllll the other sea sprays.... Bumble and bumble, John Masters Organics, John Frieda, countless drug store lines. I even loaded up a squirt bottle with real genuine San Diego salt water.

Nothing does what L&O did. I nearly bought this Sachajuan ocean mist, which touted, but the reviews were "meh" and people recommended Philip B. Maui Wowie Beach Mist.

Well, it is a pretty blue color that makes me think of previous relaxing tropical vacations.... without kids. Though it's a good volumizer, it's no Lavett & Chin.

So, the search continues....


Jessica said...

Why in the world do companies need to screw up our tried-and-true products?! Jerks.

I hope you find a suitable alternative soon!

Desert Flower said...

Such a bummer!! Does it show up on ebay or Amazon? How about those discontinued cosmetics sites?

Jesspgh said...

I've never tried sea spray but beach hair is desired by so many that it isn't surprising that a cottage industry would develop around its idea.

Anonymous said...


Don't know if you will get this but

It's coming back.