Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cracked Is Whacked

Let she who is without cracked heels cast the first pumice stone.

Yeah, that's what I thought.

We all battle with our feet, don't we? Despite being religious about filing and slathering cream over my feet, I still have rough heels. Which, during sandal-wearing weather, is unacceptable. But, I've finally FINALLY hit upon some products that are making a difference. Be Natural Dry Heel Eliminator and Be Natural Callus Eliminator have made my heels much smoother and softer.

The Regimen

• About once a week, I soak my feet in a tub of warm water while I'm watching the tube.
• Then, I dry off the tootsies and apply the callus gel, which cautions that it'll take the skin right off your fingers if you touch it. OK, well, maybe the warning's not that dire, but it seems like it. Just to be safe, I use the nozzle-shaped end to smear it across the ol' heels. After 3-5 minutes, dunk the feet back in the water and wash off the gel.
• Slough off the yucky skin with the Swedish Clover foot file. This is what the aestheticians always use on those rare occasions when I get a professional pedicure. It's cheap, lasts forever and does the job.
• Rinse off tootsies again and apply heel cream.
• Enjoy softer feet.
• For regular maintenance, I use the file every other day after showering and apply the heel cream.


Kiera said...

Damn, I wish that foot file was available through amazon Prime. That's a lot of shipping $ for a small thing.

Desert Flower said...

I am a bit of a foot nut too, ever since my DH mentioned a number of years ago that my feet weren't very pretty. This was after an intire winter of them being stuffed in heavy boots and woolen socks. I have a routine that is similar, just different products.