Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yes to.....Sunscreen

When Jean Godfrey-June talks, I listen.

If the Lucky magazine beauty director raved about cow mucus as the latest, greatest glowy-skin product, I'd....well, I'd consider it. Pretty much every beauty product I've bought on her recommendation hasn't let me down. I trust her.

So, when she touted Yes to Carrots hydrating body lotion with SPF 30 as non-greasy, non-whitening and all-around fab, I set out — within hours of reading those words — to track it down.

Found it at Target.

Well, once again, she's right. The lotion rubs in easily — and lotion is the right description. It isn't thick and gunky like most sunscreen products. It really, truly does double-duty as a moisturizer, too. Hours later your skin feels, not slick, but hydrated. Even better for those of us who have darker skin, it doesn't leave that I-was-just-wallowing-in-mud musty, chalky-looking residue.

It ain't cheap ($14.99 for a 4.2-ounce bottle), but your skin is worth it.


Lisa - Respect the Shoes said...

Thanks for the info - I was literally just making a Target shopping list and am adding that to my list!

HeidiG said...

I need to try out the body lotion. I was looking at the face cream, but it's not oil-free, unfortunately. And I love their Yes to Cucumbers face wipes, but they are usually hard to find.