Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Shirt Fit For A Mom...Plus, A Completely Irrational Obsession

Did you read the shirt? 'Nuff said.

Found — completely and utterly sold out, of course — on a sample sale Web site. I am now going to Google like a maniac until I locate it.

It will be mine.

I am nothing if not a sucker for joke-y T-shirts, which explains the one in my drawer that says "Necessito Un Mojito," even though I had one once and it was not at all pleasant. Still, it's incredibly amusing to wear for family gatherings. To me, anyway.

I LOVE but will resist these shorts only because of the $425 — yes, $425 — price tag. Sigh, the burden of expensive taste is hard to bear. That's more monies than my wedding dress. Guess I shouldn't brag about that, but I did get married a looooooong time ago.

So, I'll be content to visit these darling Alexander Wang apron-front shorts on the Barney's Web site where they live. I'll try not to smudge the computer screen as I pat their silky splendor. Maybe they'll get knocked down to, oh, $40, and then I'd snap 'em up like a shark going after chum. But I'm sure if I put a little effort into it I'd find a similar style at Forever XXI for $9.80, right?


Jessica said...

Oh, I wish you hadn't posted the world's most perfect shorts. Now I'm going to lust after them too!

Desert Flower said...

I do like a garment with snack pockets.