Wednesday, May 12, 2010

To Protect and Serve

Think of this little guy as the cleavage cop.

"Nothing to see here. Move along, peepers; move along."

More and more these days, clothing manufacturers act like they're fluffers on a porn movie set, starting buttons at mid-naval. Low-cut T-shirts gape obscenely like we're auditioning to be Hugh Hefner's new girlfriend.

I, for one, refuse to look cheap. Well that, plus, really I have no boobs, so it's like false advertising.

The Bosom Button preserves modesty and actually injects an extra bit of style into an outfit. Buy a trio of buttons for $25 or an individual one for $12. It's like a giant earring — just push it through the fabric and the girls don't have to be on display. Much chicer than a safety pin.


Monica said...

That's completely awesome. Price tag seems a bit steep for a single button, but I suppose buying 3 takes some of the edge off.

Love the bit about false advertising-- I'm in the same boat!

Lisa said...

This is actually a pretty awesome idea. Shirts nowadays are cut really low like you mentioned, or make you look like a Quaker. This is a nice fix.

Desert Flower said...

How cute are those? Getting 3 sounds good because you will have the colors to go with different garments.

Jessica said...

What a great idea. Some shirt buttons are definitely spaced weirdly and this would be a nice quick fix.