Friday, May 7, 2010

A Special Flip-Flop Edition of the Friday Shoe Haiku

Smart, hot ass-kicker
Will I be Wonder Woman
If I put them on?

Shoe n' Tell: Bought these Wonder Woman Havaianas from Piperlime for my birthday last year. The big W was my idol growing up. I would go out in the backyard and spin, thinking I'd turn into her if I made myself dizzy enough. Interesting factoid: Lynda Carter, who played WW on TV, grew up in Phoenix, just a few hours up the road.


Anonymous said...

Great flippers! I love anything pop arty oh and I love your mission statement too.

Desert Flower said...

The only bad part is you can't see all the fabulousness when your foot is in them.

Lisa said...

I love those shoes and I loved Wonder Woman - but there's something disconcerting to me about putting my foot on someone's face. I would just put them on my wall and as "art."

Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!