Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Bargain... Made For Two

In an earlier post ("Frozen Flashback," April 29, '10), I lamented my need for maternity clothes because of hittin' the sweet stuff too hard in the past few weeks.

Well, I actually did buy maternity clothes — ta da!

I'll suffer the indignity of being a non-pregnant woman with a maternity label in her clothes, though, when it's the exact same high-ticket top for a fraction of the price. Allow me to explain.

The silk open cardi is from Nicole Richie's maternity line for A Pea in the Pod. I decided to put aside my extreme distaste for this pocket-sized trollop because I sooooo love this top. The exact same blouse — same name, same vintage silk fabric, same everything, well, except for the label — sells under her Winter Kate line for anywhere from $132-$145. This top, an eBay score, cost nowhere near that. AND it came with a free black maternity tank top. It has this super thick fabric that actually does a nice job of cinching in my post-baby gut.

I wore the top with a skinny belt, a cobalt blue tank beneath and a pair of boyfriend jeans. I think I'm going to start hoarding silk chiffon-y tops like this because they're so light and floaty and perfect for blistering summer heat. I just need to learn to stop catching the wide sleeves on my desk chair.

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Jessica said...

Beautiful blouse - and fantastic idea to raid the maternity section for pieces like this!