Monday, May 31, 2010

Shake Yer Pom Poms

Ah, pom poms.

I love them. LOVE them. Despite my affinity for the fluffy things (which has existed since, oh, about age 5, judging from family photos), I was never a cheerleader. No, I was one of the kids making snide remarks about the cheerleaders.

The little balls add such a touch of whimsy, especially to warm-weather outfits. I'm waiting for this Old Navy scarf ($12.50) to arrive. Won't it look so cute with plain tanks and tees?

This crocheted cami ($198, it'll go on sale) over at is just plain fun. Man, 5-year-old me would have rocked that so hard. Incidentally, age 5 was the last time I showed my midriff. Much-older me will have to be content making jealously snide comments about the smooth-stomached girls who can wear such a top.


Kiera said...

Wow, you can really see how #2 looks like you.

Lisa - Respect the Shoes said...

Ack, you look adorable as a little girl!

Desert Flower said...

I love the scarf, I'm anxious to see it in action. You always come up with such great outfit ideas. You were the cutest kid ever.

Karena said...

Love the scarf great for summertime! You look like my Isabella!

Art by Karena

jacquelyn said...

My daughter loves it when she wears her pom-pom socks to school. you know, the ones that are little anklets with the big fluffy ball at the back? She is a total fashionista I guess.